What You Learn About Yourself When You Journey By Yourself

FullSizeRender I’ve been many places, but at 25 I journeyed to Spain…ALONE. It wasn’t supposed to be a solo trip initially. I had always had this thing for going on trips with groups of at least 3 or 4 people. I almost cancelled my trip, tried to change it to fit dates to go with another group of girls, all of which were unsuccessful because of my relentless and undbendable work schedule. So, here I am, going to an entirely different country alone. Sleeping alone. Drinking alone. Exploring alone. Doing EVERYTHING…..(that’s right, you got it) ALONE! Amazingly, this trip taught me so much about myself and my relation to others, and here’s why!

As I said above, I’ve always wanted to go on group trips. That idea was based in the common thought of “there’s safety in numbers.” Although there is safety in numbers, the fact that you are able to step out side of being a part of a group or “number ” is bold. There is absolutely no way you can be timid or insecure and step out of your comfort zone. You have to have enough courage to step out on your own even when you’re not ready. Courage is the foundation you need in order to jump out and do what it is you/ve always wanted to do whether you’re alone or in a group.

Trust & Dependability 

Trust yo self! Design a plan of what you’re going to do in your new city and do it! Trust that the plan you’ve design for yourself will lead you to the best experience possible. You just have to do it. When you enter that city you know nothing about, Trust yourself enough to explore what you don’t know. Buy a travel guide-book that describes all the best restaurants, museums, clubs, and bars. Make a plan to do something on each day and go for it! Even if things don’t go according to plan, ride the wave, go with the flow, and trust yourself that things will work out for the best!

So, you’re in a new city and you know nothing about the area, the best places to go, and the places to avoid. Who can you depend on. You! You depend on you and your intuition. You also interact with the locals and depend on their opinion of certain areas and attractions. Remember, it’s all about exploring yourself,the area around you, and where and how you fit in.

Closeness(To ones self)

I’m not going to lie I felt very alone the last 2 days of my trip. Partly because I pretty much encountered everything on my to-do and to-see list, but mostly because I had no one else there. There was no one to gossip with, joke with, or laugh with. It was just, well, me. I would have never thought to travel alone but I’m glad I did because I needed those alone moments. The time I would use to joke, laugh, gossip over silly things was the time I used to sit still and quiet and collect my thoughts. I used the time to look at myself and identify what I love about me, and the quirky things I don’t necessarily like, and I accepted it all.  Prayed, I meditated, I dragged my feet alone the shore line of the Mediterranean and embraced my spirit at that place at that time.

If you’re considering traveling alone, first I would be safe about it, and second I would suggest you do just that. Stop waiting around for people to go. Stop waiting for people to get their funds right. If you are ready, and you have a desire, then do it!  Sometimes you may not be “ready.” Just decide that you are going to do it and give it a go. I promise it will be the best experience ever! ^_^

5 thoughts on “What You Learn About Yourself When You Journey By Yourself

  1. Great read! Glad you enjoyed yourself and made time for yourself, I don’t think I’m ready to go on vacation out of the country alone (im a scaredy cat lol) but KUDOS for ya!!


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