It’s August: How Many Black Owned Businesses Can You Support This Month?

We are more than halfway through the year. It’s  a humbling yet scary feeling. It makes you think, in the past 7 months what have I done with my life?! What goals have I set ? What goals have I reached ? Well, I have a goal for you!

We all love the idea of supporting black owned businesses right? Especially with the rise of campaigns such as Black Lives Matters, Black Girls Rock, etc, many people are now wanting to support black owned business. But the question is…where are these businesses? B.O.Bs are rarely ever advertised, we don’t talk about it or hear about it in day-to-day conversation, and although we would like to support them, how can we do so if we just dont know where they are? So, below I’ve created a list of only a few B.O.Bs specifically restaurants/bars and boutiques here in DC. It’s my goal to support at least half of the list this month! My question to my audience is will you be able to complete the list this month? If you’re deciding to go out with friends or even by yourself for a happy hour, brunch, or even shopping in the city take a look back at this list and figure out which one you’re interested in and just go! IF you yourself are an up and coming black owned business owner as it pertains to fashion or restaurants/lounges contact me.

B.O.Bs List

Food and Drink

*Creme on 14th Street NW
*Ben’s Next Door U street NW
*Smith Commons-H Street NE
*Smith Public Trust-Brookland
Bin 1301 U Street NW
Ruby Scoops Ice Cream & Sweets- Union Kitchen DC
Averys Bar & Loung H Street NE


*Nubian Hueman Good Hope Rd SE DC
*Nomad Yard New York Ave NE

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