To Stay Woke Or To Stay Sleep: When Being Woke is Too Woke

Recently comedian and television host Ellen DeGeneres posted a meme on Twitter of Usain Bolt, the award winning Olympic runner. In the photo she was riding on his back with a comment saying, “This is how I’m running errands from now on #Rio2016”  You can see the picture on literally anywhere. She received a lot of backlash from the meme. Many people labeled the meme as a racist and problematic. In my opinion there was nothing wrong with the posted meme! Ellen DeGeneres is a COMEDIAN. As a comedian you make jokes and make people laugh! How many times have comedians such as Chris Rock, Bernie Mac (RIP), and Dave Chappelle used white people as the butt of their joke? Many times! Where were all the  ‘woke’ people then ? You all were probably laughing, just like me, and just like everyone else.  I have one thing to say to all of our ‘woke’ brothers and sisters. NOT EVERYTHING OR EVERYONE IS AGAINST YOU. EVERY WHITE PERSON IS NOT THE ENEMY, and NOT EVERYTHING IS A RACIST REMARK. I understand tensions are high, especially with the police brutality against young black men and women in recent months and years. I love my people and I will support them whenever I can, but just because I am black does not mean that I will always be on my people’s side, especially if I feel as if they are wrong. I know  it’s incredibly frustrating when you see your own people be taken advantage of. It’s frustrating when you see systemic racism in schools, business, the judicial system,etc. I get it people, trust me I do! But one thing I refuse to believe is that this woman purposefully put up this meme to demean the black race.

Now, I will say that there are those who do exhibit racist and prejudice behavior subconsciously. I’ve experienced it myself. However,many of the things I’ve seen on Twitter and other social media profiles about how white people are this, and they’re trying to destroy us, etc are unbelievably ridiculous. America was built on racism and prejudice and until we invade the conscious and subconscious minds of some people, there will always be racist, prejudice ignorant people, but Ellen is not one of them! Stop being so “woke” to the point where you begin to sound hateful and ignorant. It is not a good look on our people! Actually it’s not a good look on anyone. Some of you need to go back to sleep and wake up again. Maybe then you will have clearer vision and be able to properly assess and label a situation.  So, to all my too woke brothers and sisters evaluate the context of a situation before you immediately dub it racist or attack the white race.  This isn’t a war people. There’s already too much hate going on all around the world. Spread love. Spread peace. Spread hope.

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