What The Hell Am I Doing With My Life:Four Ways To Combat Your Crisis Stage

The other day I had a crisis. Actually I’ve been having a crisis on and off since last year! I had been trying to figure out what the HELL I’m going to do with my life. With September here, I’ve realized we only have 3 more full months until the year is over. Personally, I feel like I just celebrated the New Year with my friends, and now I’m beginning to be excited about boots, coats, and dark lip colors.  So how did we get here?!  How did I get here?! How did I get to the point where I’m 25 and I’m still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up ?! Since I’ve graduated college I’ve always had goals set for myself and my career, and I’ve been able to accomplish each and every one of them. I actually finished college, starting my career feeling like Pablo Escobar once he killed Restrepo and took hold of his  operation.  I was killin’ it!


I started work and after a year started my masters program, became a TA, traveled, transferred to a more challenging department at work. However, now that I’m a good three years into my career I feel like that Mr Krabs meme that’s been out for a while.

.Image result for mr krabs meme

I’ve always been one to listen to my spirit and to go where it guides me, but it’s difficult to do that when you don’t know where your spirit IS guiding you, or when its guiding you to several different places at once.  I think it’s a part of the millennial mind-set to act as if we have it all together. I thought that everyone did, and that was partly due to social media which showed me everyday that someone is doing this…or someone is doing that..or someone is getting engaged…or married..or who knows what else. Here are four ways to combat your CRISIS stage

  1. RELAX. Contrary to popular belief everyone does NOT have it all together. And you are not the only one who feels this way. Yesterday, I was going to the school where I had done my Masters courses and saw one of my classmates. She had graduated and we began talking. Surprisingly, she was going through the same thing! And she thought that she was the only one who felt like that. Guess what people you’re not alone. Imagine my excitement when I found out I wasn’t alone! giphy1
  2. STOP COMPARING.   giphy2  Just stop it ! Don’t do it! It’s destructive to your spirit and your energy. It drains you completely and it’s pure negativity. Even the Bible says those who compare themselves amongst themselves are fools. I’m not sure about any of you, but I ain’t no fool! Although it is easy to compare you have to develop a very good sense of self and security within your self in order to stop that cycle. You also have to be aware of your thoughts conscious and subconscious, and that take knowing yourself. Being secure in myself is a trait I had to developed 2 years ago. If you don’t have it you gotta get it very quick. It’s the only way to combat negative energy like comparing. You are on your own path of life, you develop at your own pace. There’s no such thing as moving too slow or moving too fast. the only thing is what’s right for you. 
  3. DO NOT BE AFRAID. Sometimes you just have to go for it! You may have a billion ideas in your head, but the one idea you can choose and know that out of all the other trillion things you may be thinking that’s the one you’ll have the least regret about, go for it. If it takes quitting a job, leaving a dead end relationship, moving, or starting your own business DO IT. Even if it doesn’t turn out to be exactly what you  wanted, you went for it and that already puts you way ahead of the game.
  4. PRAY/MEDITATE. I purposefully put this one as the last one because I want it to be the last one you see and remember. You don’t have to be any great philosopher or a Buddah or whatever to pray, just get in touch with yourself and God, the Universe or whatever you may call it. The more you grow the more you find out that you are not the only source of energy in this process called life. Focus your energy on what it is your want, pray for that

Life is a journey, not a race.Take your time and I promise that if you remember these four little tips you’ll soon be out of your crisis. Take…your…time. Remember you are not alone.

One thought on “What The Hell Am I Doing With My Life:Four Ways To Combat Your Crisis Stage

  1. This is good. I agree that we as millenitals are held to the highest of standards with the least resources available. If we didn’t have technology – we’d be shit out of luck. What i’ve learned is that life is really just a journey. You’ve gotta learn to ride the waves – and find solace in the face that this too shall pass. Greatness is immenient if we just chose to never quit and remain consistent. Thanks for sharing!

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