It’s Gonna Be Bigly: One Thing We Should All Do In Wake Of A New President

Like many  people I’m appalled at the country’s decision to elect Donald J Trump as our new commander and chief. Like many, I thought it was a joke when he began campaigning. Seriously!? The orange smush faced from The Apprentice? I doubted the strength of his campaign and his ability to make it to his current position. Actually, I think the whole country doubted his ability to make it this far. However, one thing I doubted even more than Trump’s campaign and his ability to win the hearts of Americans was the outright hatred, violence, and complete ridiculousness of many of my fellow Americans.

There have been several documented events of violence at Trump rallies promoted by Donald Trump himself! Many people at his rallies spewed profanity, hateful remarks, and now are continuing to do so in celebration of his recent victory. And yet, its become mind boggling to me how anyone could respect or vote for a man who promotes this type of divisiveness. Although we are no longer under Jim Crow regulations, I rightfully fear that with Trump and his appointees in office there could be even more laws put in place, overlooked, and sustained that directly affect minority and marginalized populations like stop and frisk which the president elect himself said we should implement.

When I’ve asked people why they support Trump they all had one remark in common: Jobs. Jobs that are apparently being lost somehow… somewhere. I am not certain where the Trump supporters think their factory jobs or jobs in general are going considering the fact that President Obama has set the record for job growth despite whichever context you view job growth in. It’s my personal belief that “the jobs” they’re talking about are not actually jobs at all. In my opinion its code for THERE ARE TOO MANY BLACKS,HISPANICS WOMEN AND OTHER MINORITIES INFILTRATING AND GAINING OPPORTUNITIES IN THE WORK PLACE. In short, many feel threatened.

In any case, what I came to understand through my frustration and what I want many to understand is that Trump appealed to quite a large number of Americans. He was able to speak with emphasis and hope and in turn people actually believed what he said. The bigotry didn’t matter, neither did the hatred or the xenophobic remarks among many other comments from Trump and his supporters. What matters is what people WANT to believe. That is what has always mattered not just in this instance but in many instances. Each of us live in our own reality.

Trump won fairly and I don’t want him to fail because then this country fails (despite the fact that we’ve been failing on the inside for years). It’s my sincere hope that the basis of his campaign was a distinct stratagem to gain voters, and being that he has those votes, and is president elect he will act with justice and promote fairness and change. I am not opposed to the idea of giving him a chance and I hope you feel the same, because honestly at this moment, there is no other option.

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