Tomi Lahren:The Tale of the Angry White Woman and The Perceived Oppression of Black People

Tomi Lahren,the tv host and political commentator for The Blaze, had an interesting interview with Trevor Noah the host of The Daily Show this week. Lahren, known for her bigoted and conservative ideals and values was challenged by the liberal Noah on some hot topics including the  Black Lives Matter movement , president elect Trump, and immigration policies. Besides the fact that Lahren continued to dance around questions, she said one thing that stood out to me that entire interview. It smacked me in the face, and I had to pause the video. She said “The perceived oppression of black people.” Now, she said this in relation to a question Noah had asked her concerning the BLM movement. In any case, it doesn’t matter the  context in which she used the word! The fact that she said “PERCEIVED oppression of black people” tells me that Lahren, really is as simple as she sound and looks (don’t get me started on what she was wearing during that interview I’ll leave that to the fashion bloggers). If you missed the clip you can watch it Here !

Not only is her rhetoric bigoted and divisive, but her entire career should be dismantled based on those very words. As a political commentator I am assuming that one would have to have some type of knowledge base in politics, law, economics, and history. And, if you look at all of those subjects and their history it’s clearly evident that there is no PERCEIVED oppression of black people, THERE IS OPPRESSION OF BLACK PEOPLE! Black people and other marginalized groups of people. Let’s talk about this perceived oppression shall we?

1) Republicans actively trying to disenfranchise majority black populated areas

2)The unnecessary shootings of unarmed black men that, may we remind Lauren, have been occurring since ummm… I don’t know… slavery?
2) And for God sakes let’s take SLAVERY, the best example of oppression that’s out there. Now, if she wants to argue about whether or not that is perceived oppression vs actual oppression then she needs to go back to South Dakota and hide under a rock!
3) Chain Gangs that were put into effect after slavery to keep black people enslaved by utilizing the 13th amendment which, in fact, by far has been the biggest accessory used in arresting black men in the early 20th century and even now!

……And there’s more…… !


The unfortunate part is people actually listen to her and believe her. No one reads anymore. She said she’s speaking up for those in the middle states who are often over looked. The only thing Lahren is doing is fueling the hate that already may exist in these people. She is in no way a productive political commentator. Some white Americans believe the angry rhetoric that she spews. She’s 24, angry, with a close and has a large audience who agrees with her. It’s time for those of you living in Amuricah to wake up! You’re not going to “take back your country” Trump is not your Savior and Obama Care probably isn’t going anywhere. No one picks up a book any more. No one researches things for themselves and that is why you can have someone like Lahren capture the minds of many. Do your research, stay aware, and stay involved.

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