Which One Are You!? How To Tell If You’re A Real Feminist or A Fake One

What in the world does it mean to be a feminist? I’m sure you’ve heard the word tossed around during news media coverage or maybe in your high school and college history class. I even had my own interpretation of what being a feminist meant. About three years ago I didn’t believe I was a feminist at all! I was under the impression that feminist were arrogant women who thought they could say, do, and wear whatever they wanted. I also believed that they hated men with a passion. In my mind feminists were egotistical and solipsistic ! I had my interpretation of feminism, but I also knew I hadn’t done enough research to completely dismiss myself as a feminist or support the movement. So I started to research. As apart of my research I read ‘We Should All Be Feminist’ by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.


In her work she argues that being a feminist is essentially desiring equality for all humans, acknowledging that there are issues that effect women more so than men, and supporting efforts to bring equality to those issues in which women are more so effected. I took Adiche’s book and other books I’ve read on the topic and viewed society. Society polices women but not men. Society polices our desire for sex, our clothes, our jobs,and our salary. We question whether or not a woman “did something” to provoke her being raped. We as women are taught at some point in our lives to desire to be “liked” and married. We are told to not show too much. I remember all the time in church being told to remain a virgin until marriage.However I’m pretty sure they weren’t teaching the males what not to do because women don’t like it or to remain a virgin until marriage. Women are told what guys don’t like and how to act in lieu of that. Frankly, I don’t really care what guys like. I now realize that I am not here to be liked by anyone, it’s nice that people do like me, but if they weren’t to it doesn’t in anyway effect my existence. That ideology was something that I had to grow into. It’s something I understood and became more firm in once I grew into my femininity. All these things are taught to girls but not to boys. Why? Simply inequality. Is this wrong? In my opinion yes! It’s unfair! Being a feminist isn’t a woman thing. It’s a people thing! We don’t hate men. I’ve recognized that I am a feminist and I love men. I just desire the same rights for my gender as men. I saw a video where three high school boys fundraiser money to buy feminine products after realizing that 80 percent of women who start their periods don’t have any type of feminine products on hand. These boys are feminists in my opinion ! If you are in any way an advocate for women’s rights and for equal rights for all then you are indeed a feminist!

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