A Win for The Falcons Would Not Have Been A Win For Black America

This past Super Bowl  will go down in history! It’s the first time ever that a Super Bowl game went into over time, and not to mention it’s the first time a quarterback has won FIVE Super Bowls! FIVE! Besides the absolute awe of this game, the memes and commercials that accompanied it were just as hilarious as the game was great. One meme in particular caught my eye, Martin Luther King Jr. laughing while one of the Patriots players was down during their losing streak earlier in the game. I found this meme and other memes particularly funny.

But of course, instead of these memes being used for pure comedy there were a few sentimental and “too woke” people tweeting away about how the Patriots apparently deserved to lose because they’re a racist team, and how the Patriots winning felt similar to this past presidential election when Donald Trump became the Nation’s president (How Sway). Then, the kicker was an article I read on how the Black America needed the Falcons to win .

I in no way have empathy for racists and am far from a Trump supporter, however I must vehemently reject the thought that a majority Black city winning the Super Bowl would be a win for Black America. Like, dawg do you know our history? The outright and inadvertent racism we had to face and currently face. The attitudes we encountered when all we wanted to do was be taught in decent schools, with nice books next to our peers. The audacity of the Black American to want equality and a good education! We embraced ridicule, beatings, and jail time just because of our desire of equality, a human right in my opinion. Even today, let’s forget about the subconscious and outright   racism, how about the environmental racism that abounds. It isn’t even surprising anymore it’s just maddening! From Flint, Michigan’s water crisis to 97,000 parts per million of lead being found in the soil and water in an East Chicago housing complex
(concerning levels are 400 parts per million, not to mention high levels of arsenic were found also). Might I add, the neighborhood of Greentown (97% white population) also in Illinois was made aware of their lead issue, only difference is their problem was solved in a few days while little black children and their families have yet to have any meaningful way of their problem being solved.

Tragedies, real tragedies effecting our people are still occurring in our community and until Flint and other cities alike have clean water and soil, until unarmed Black men are not being shot, until we stop using ‘insanity’ to defend young white boys whilst we vilify and scrutinize young black men, until all the schools in Detroit are well funded, until racial profiling ceases, until America realizes that it has and still has a race issue, Black America is not winning. In no way am I belittling the undeniable progress our people have made throughout the years. I’m so proud of it. We’ve come far, but there’s always more work to be done, and not on our end either, but on the end of prejudice and racist ideologies/ people that plague our (in)justice system. So, forgive me. I’m sorry. Black America does not need the Falcons to win in the Super Bowl or any game for that matter. I just don’t believe that the Falcon’s winning would be a win for Black America, because honestly it’s going to require a lot more than plays, field goals, quarterbacks, and touch downs before there’s a win for Black America.

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